Friday, October 28, 2016

Bird Coloring Page

     For this project, I first searched up a coloring page for one of my favorite birds which is a toucan.  I then searched up some bird feathers, magic wand or lasso tool them, then copied them onto the coloring page. I also colored the beak and parts of the bird that were too small to cover up with the feathers. Once I was done I added a background that fit with the coloring page.

Kaleidoscope Project

     For this project, I first googled a kaleidoscope coloring page. After I found on that I liked, I colored it in using some gradients and paint bucket.

Wheres Waldo Project

   For this project, I first took a picture of myself and cropped out my head and fit it onto Waldo. I then found and cropped a lot of pictures and put them onto my collage. Lastly, I hid myself on one of the pictures.

Albrecht Durer Project

     For this project, I first had to find the picture of the chameleon and crop it out using the magic wand and lasso tool. Then I added a fill layer and gave it the "Wax Crayon on Charcoal Paper" pattern. Lastly, I used the "Graphic Pen" filter on the chameleon. 

Edward Gorey Project

     To start this project, I first had to make the background. Next, I added the trees and my head using the cookie cutter tool. I then drew my body, the arm, and the bow free hand. Lastly, I used the cookie cutter tool again to make the banner and add the text.